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Château De Juliénas

Passeios de Château De Juliénas em Juliénas

Beaujolais Vinícola / Viticultor
Dating from the 13th century and property of the lords of Beaujeu, the Château de Juliénas has always been a wine property. The northern part was rebuilt at the end of the 16th century. The authentic stone vaulted cellars of the country date from 1744. It was in 1907 that Thierry's great grandfather, Claude Condemine acquired and restored the Château and then improved the vineyard. The estate now has 40 hectares in Juliénas, Fleurie and Moulin-à-Vent, constituting the largest vineyard in the Juliénas appellation. Beyond my profession, the Château de Juliénas represents a multitude of stories, terroirs, wines ... and proudly carries, at national and international level, values ​​of authenticity, performance and conviviality. Winemaker, the most beautiful profession in the world? I think so ! Inhabited by winemakers from generation to generation, the Château de Juliénas is transmitted and evolves over time. Planting, pruning, suckering, harvesting ... With the help of my wife Aurélie, our work is punctuated by the seasons, the weather, but above all by the passion and the pleasure of continuing the story of my parents, and d 'write that of our children. Today, with the desire to fully subscribe to a reasoned agriculture approach, our vineyard has recently received Terra Vitis environmental certification. Thierry CONDEMINE December 2018

Etiquetas e prêmios

Terra Vitis

Terra Vitis

Vigneron Indépendant

Vigneron Indépendant

Vinhedos e Descoberta

Vinhedos e Descoberta

Prémio oficial pelo excelente destino de enoturismo
Vencedor de troféus de enoturismo Terre de vin

Vencedor de troféus de enoturismo Terre de vin

Mídia especializada em vinho, enoturismo e a arte de viver na França
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Château de Juliénas, Juliénas, France França

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Antoine Sinalizador fr jul 2021

Visite très intéressante et abordable pour des novices. Au moins 8 bouteilles ont été dégusté. Le cadre est magnifique.

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