Podere La Marronaia
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Podere La Marronaia

Passeios de Podere La Marronaia em San Gimignano

Toscana Vinícola
Podere La Marronaia is a small family farm, situated just outside San Gimignano city center.
I, my brother and my parents produce organic wines and EVO oils and we provide exclusive experiences like wine tastings and cooking lessons to share with people from all over the world our passion for winemaking and Tuscan traditions.

Nosso vinho

Castas utilizadas

Sangiovese Merlot Syrah Chardonnay

Preços de vinhos

22,00€ - 173,00€ por garrafa

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Como chegar

Podere La Marronaia, Sosta alle Colonne, Via Martiri di Citerna, San Gimignano, Sienne, Italie Itália