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Introduction to wine tasting

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This workshop is for someone who wants to become familiar with the different stages of tasting.
First The colour: evaluating the intensityof the colour in the glass, the visual aspect.
The nose: smell, swirl , smell again ... learn how to develop your sense of smell, your bouquet of scents. What is a retro-olfaction?
On the palate: freshness, vivacity or roundness and suppleness? Floral and fruity or vegetal and woody? How to describe the sensations and the aromatic palette that you detect? In which family of flavours will you classify them? Which vocabulary is appropriate?
Learn to describe 4 wines from the winery, give your personal impressions and remember that there is no good or bad answer... Each palate is unique and each person will have its own interpretation.
Knowing how to recognize the whole palette flavours of a wine and immediately find the right words to describe them, what a pleasure!
Not only to shine in society, but rather to better identify what you like; that's what I'll help you do, so you can understand all the stages of a tasting and talk about wine with the right description.

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  • Máscaras gratuitas estarão à sua disposição
  • O gel hidroalcoólico estará à sua disposição
  • Será mantido um distanciamento social mínimo de 1,5 m

De 2 a 6 pessoas


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Degustação de 3 vinhos


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  •  - Introduction to wine tasting
  •  - Introduction to wine tasting
  •  - Introduction to wine tasting
  •  - Introduction to wine tasting
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